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Rolling Hills Estates

The City of Rolling Hills Estates officially became Los Angeles County’s 60th municipality on September 18, 1957. In that first year, the City’s population totaled only 3,500; but its new citizens were united in their concern over maintaining the community’s rural atmosphere characterized by rolling hills, vast open spaces and white fences. The current population is 8,067 and the city is situated on the northern side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, facing Torrance. Rolling Hills Estates tries to maintain a fairly rustic character with a large number of horse paths. The history of Rolling Hills Estates actually dates back to the establishment of the first Spanish rancho land grant in California.

There are 30 neighborhood areas within the community, each with its own special character, architectural style, and Homeowners Association. These Associations often represent citizens directly before the City Council and serve as neighborhood social organizations as well.

While the community has undergone changes over the years, the present City Council continues to represent the basic ideals held by the original incorporating pioneers. The City takes an active role in maintaining the high quality of life that makes this community such an attractive place to live. As in the past, today’s emphasis in managing the City is placed upon preserving its rural residential character and, at the same time, providing the best possible services to its citizens.

SOURCE: Berkshire Hathaway Home Service