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“Second To None”

El Segundo

El Segundo is a small and sometimes less heard of coastline community. In my opinion El Segundo is renowned  for its quaint, small town atmosphere as well as a its thriving business environment that caters to some of the region’s most prestigious corporations.

El Segundo is conveniently located just south of Los Angeles International Airport, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, and quickly accessible to the 105 and 405 freeway making this community ideally situated between Los Angeles and the South Bay beach communities.

Its is always interesting to learn about the history of an area before moving there.

From the early Indian families who made this area by the Pacific Ocean their home, through the Spanish settlers, to the early oil company workers on through today’s genius engineers and scientists who design and build satellites that stay in space and land on other celestial bodies, there is one factor which has stayed consistent…the quality of lifestyle of the residents.

The name of the city itself foretells its story. El Segundo means “the second” in Spanish, which was the name given because it was Standard Oil Company’s second refinery. The local citizens further defined their home as El Segundo a Nada, “second to none!”

We might like to say, “Wouldn’t it be great if some of those old timers could see their little town today!” The fact is, some of those old timers are still here, enjoying life as they did 50, 60 and 70 years ago. There are quite a few third and fourth generation families here. The El Segundo police department has a fifth generation police officer.

What makes the quality of lifestyle here different? It’s the old time, small town which time somehow forgot, yet people can still live in “Mayberry.” And yet, it is home to 12 Fortune 500 companies, it is proud of its Air Force Base, and equally proud of its aviation heritage and recognition as the “Aerospace Capital of the World.”

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